Say Hello to Mimo!

An ambient personal assistant crafted for older adults

Mimo Mirror


Made with Amazon Alexa

The population of older adults in America is increasing faster
than ever — and over 90% of them are choosing to live alone.
Mimo adds an ambient personal assistant to their lives that they
can always talk to by creating an environment of
companionship and emotional support. Our vision was to create
an assistant so intelligent it responds to your voice.
One so immersive, the technology itself disappears into the
experience, and empowers users to do more with their voice.

Say Hello to Mimo.

Tackle your daily events
with confidence

Get control of your surroundings simply by using your voice. Mimo is an always-on, always-listening, hands-free personal assistant that will always be there for you to accomplish and make sense of things most important to you.

Make sense of your

Mimo comes with a variety of skills that enhance what Alexa can do. You can be more informed by asking Alexa things like how many calories your salad has, what your blood pressure means, and be reminded to stand up every so often.

Forgetting is now a thing
of the past

By using both your voice and sight, Mimo can actively inform you about the events in your calendar. The mirror keeps you more informed and aquainted about your daily activities. You can now see what’s coming up even before you ask.

An assistant designed and
centered around you

We understand that people comprehend information at different speeds, so with Mimo, you can adjust Alexa's rate of speech to reflect your pace. We've also built in a standard double-confirmation speech to make your interactions more accurate.

Enrich your life by
adding more skills

With Mimo, you can now learn to add more natural and intuitive skills that fit into several aspects your life. Simply ask Alexa for help, and see the top skills that people are using.

Who is Mimo for?

We saw Capstone as an opportunity to create an experience for a
demographic that is often overlooked -- older adults.

While technology continues to evolve, it becomes harder for
us to adapt to new affordances it presents. It takes time and
effort for us to calibrate ourselves to take full advantage of
new solutions. This creates a gap between what we can do,
and what’s possible.

Older adults are no different, except, these gaps get wider for
them each day. Getting older and living alone contribute in
creating health and technical barriers.


How can we use something as fundamental as your voice, to tackle this problem?


We found that older adults’ needs weren’t very different
from our own -- they presented a fundamentally self-evident
desire to be connected -- with their loved ones, and their

Building a Voice-first UI

Your wish is its command.

With Mimo, we envisioned to create an experience that uses your voice to
communicate with technology and get things done.

This was crucial to implement because it involved the least amount of familiarity
with technology, especially for older adults. Technology must deliver incredible
capbility without the complexity. This idea was the founding principle for Mimo.

Living Room

Talking to Mimo is now an easier, faster way to get things done. It’s always with
you — in your living room — ready to help throughout your day. With a redesigned
interface and new, more adjustable voice, Mimo is more powerful than ever.

We believe that technology is at its best, its most empowering, when it simply disappears.



Mimo is made possible using several technologies.


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